DCL Spring League B Tournament 2022

DCL Spring League B Tournament 2022
(Overs: 20)
Tournament Starts: Saturday, September 18, 2021
Tournament Ends: Wednesday, April 27, 2022
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AwardTeam Name
ChampionsWolves XI United
RunnerUpLinkwell VelociRaptors
AwardPlayer NameTeam NameStats
Man of the Match (Finals)   
Best BatsmanAnand MutharasuSharks518 Runs
Best BowlerNarayanan Kutty NairSharks23 Wickets
Best Batting ScoreAnand MutharasuSharks124 Runs
Best Bowling FigureKarandeep S RandhawaDaring Bering6/12 (Wickets/Runs)
Best CatcherAnand MutharasuSharks24 catches

Recent Match Results
DateTypeTeam 1Team 2WinnerResult
4/9/2022 SaturdayFinalLinkwell VelociRaptorsWolves XI UnitedWolves XI UnitedWolves X1 United won by 38 runs
4/3/2022 SundaySemiFinal 2iPlayWolves XI UnitedWolves XI UnitedWolves X1 United won by 9 runs
4/2/2022 SaturdaySemiFinal 1Linkwell VelociRaptorsSharksLinkwell VelociRaptorsWon by 5 wickets
3/27/2022 SundayQuaterFinal 3Dallas SpartansWolves XI UnitedWolves XI UnitedWolves x1 United won by 29 runs
3/27/2022 SundayQuaterFinal 4Dallas TrailBlazersSharksSharksWon by 23 Runs

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