DCL Fall League 2019 Division F

DCL Fall League 2019 Division F
(Overs: 20)
Tournament Starts: Saturday, August 03, 2019
Tournament Ends: Sunday, January 12, 2020
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AwardTeam Name
ChampionsOld Monks
RunnerUpFurious XI
AwardPlayer NameTeam NameStats
Man of the Match (Finals)   
Best Batsmangurinder sindharTech Warriors305 Runs
Best BowlerChaitanya SagirajuOld Monks17 Wickets
Best Batting ScoreBhaskar RayDa'lashers82 Runs
Best Bowling FigureDileep AlavalapatiRoyal Strikers5/11 (wickets/Runs)
Best CatcherBharani Kumar MadasFurious XI27 Catches

Recent Match Results
DateTypeTeam 1Team 2WinnerResult
11/23/2019 SaturdayFinalFurious XIOld MonksOld MonksOldMonks won by 1 run in superover
11/16/2019 SaturdaySemiFinal 1Wild BullsOld MonksOld MonksOld Monks won by 7 runs
11/16/2019 SaturdaySemiFinal 2Tech WarriorsFurious XIFurious XIFuriousXI won by 4 run
11/9/2019 SaturdayLeagueFurious XIFrisco FinishersFurious XIFuriousXI won by 45 run
11/3/2019 SundayLeagueFrisco KnightsNoobMastersNoobMastersWon by 25 runs

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