DCL Spring Tournament 2013

DCL Spring Tournament 2013
(Overs: 20)
Tournament Starts: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Tournament Ends: Sunday, June 02, 2013
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AwardTeam Name
ChampionsRoyals CC
RunnerUpACE XI
AwardPlayer NameTeam NameStats
Man of the Match (Finals)   
Best BatsmanAbhi MukundanACE XI417 Runs/Ave 59.57
Best BowlerKaushik NarayananACE XI21 Wkts
Best Batting ScoreAbhi MukundanACE XI113 Runs
Best Bowling FigureArvind BalakrishnanSpades6/13 Wkts/Runs
Best CatcherAnand MagadiIndian SnipersMuthu Ramalingam 21

Recent Match Results
DateTypeTeam 1Team 2WinnerResult
6/1/2013 SaturdayFinalACE XIRoyals CCRoyals CCWon by 1 run in super over 1
5/18/2013 SaturdaySemiFinal 1ACE XICurd Rice Cricket ClubACE XIWon by 68 runs
5/18/2013 SaturdaySemiFinal 2Royals CCIndian SnipersRoyals CCWon by 3 wkts
5/12/2013 SundayQuaterFinal 3Plano PackersIndian SnipersIndian SnipersWon by 5 Wickets
5/12/2013 SundayQuaterFinal 4SpadesCurd Rice Cricket ClubCurd Rice Cricket ClubWon by 5 wickets

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