Most Important Announcement. (Clean Up the ground)


We ran into an issue last Saturday at the Russell Creek Ground G6 where the Cops came to ground during the game saying they received a complaint from about the trash on the ground.  I am reiterating what I said before the start of the tournament that 

   1. Any garbage including tape/plastic bottles or anything else should be completely cleared from the pitch/ground before leaving the field. Both the Team Captains will be responsible if we receive this complaint again.

Cops said if this incident is repeated or if they hear another complaint from the City of Plano Officials they are going to revoke the privilege for anyone to conduct games at this ground.

I need a written Confirmation from all the Captains and Vice Captains by COB Wednesday August 14th 2013 saying that they have read the announcement and will abide by the instructions.

We the organizers of DCL are trying our best to run the league smoothly so your cooperation is really need.

Please note that every team is required to abide by the following rules as required by the City of Plano in order to enjoy the privilege of playing on the Russel Creek grounds or any other grounds that Dallas Cricket League uses.:

   1. Any benches, garbage bins and any other accessory that the teams might have moved from the pitch/ground before the game, should be moved back to their original positions after the game and before leaving the field. This applies to both the playing teams.
   2. Any garbage including tape/plastic bottles or anything else should be completely cleared from the pitch/ground before leaving the field
   3. Teams should vacate the ground immediately at the end of their time slot irrespective of whether the match is completed or not.  Its the responsibility of both the captains to ensure that the match is started on time and completed within the time allocated. In complete results will be evaluated by the organizers based on umpire feedback and 1 or both the teams could loose the points.
   4. Captains should check their emails the night before the match to ensure that the grounds are not closed by the City due to inclement weather
   5. Teams should vacate the field immediately if a Park officer asks them to do so irrespective of their match results.
   6.  It does not matter even if the debris was left by the previous teams.It is our collective responsibility to keep the grounds clean at all times even during the games. Teams do not have to wait for the end of the game to clean the grounds and stands. These grounds need to be treated the same way as we treat out homes.

City of Plano has informed us that they have received complaints from the Park officers for most of the points mentioned above during the Fall 2013 tournament and warned us that they will charge $500/- fine per incident if it is repeated. In case DCL is fined due to any such incendent, the teams involved will be responsible to pay the fine. Hence its our responsibility to ensure that we abide by the rules and enjoy the privilege of playing at Plano grounds.

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