Royals CC vs Challengers CC Match incidents: (Disciplinary Actions)


Captains/Vice Captains: please forward this email to all your players so that they play in DCL according to the DCL code of conduct.


As some of you may be aware, there were a few unfortunate incidents that took place during the game between Royals CC and Challengers CC on 7/21/2013. The organizing committee requested incident report from each of the umpires and the team captains, and also personally spoke with umpires, captains and a few players that either witnessed or participated in the incidents. Disciplinary actions have been initiated by the organizing committee against the guilty players and captains and, details are being sent to all the captains and vice captains within the league and are being published on the DCL website; the captains are encouraged to share this information with all their team members to make them aware of the consequences of such un-sportsman like conduct.
First Innings: During the game, there were two separate incidents during which, players clearly violated the DCL code of conduct. the first incident was triggered by a statement by the bowler when he got the batsman out which resulted in verbal exchanges between the opposing team players. Rather than allowing the captains and umpires to sort this out, a lot of team members got involved in the verbal dual using abusive languages. eventually the captains and the umpires got the game underway.
Second Innings: The second incident was triggered by verbal exchanges between a batsman and a fielding team player when the batsman was declared out by the umpire. Again, rather than allowing the captains and the umpires to sort this out, other team members walked into the field/joined in the middle and decided to take matters into their own hands using abusive language and threats. This resulted in one of the teams walking away and forfeiting the game inspite of their captain's plea to continue and finish the game. 

The organizing committee reviewed in detail the match reports sent by the umpires and the captains regarding the incidents, personally spoke with umpires/players/captains, discussed in detail the repercussions of such incidents and the ways and means to curtail such incidents going forward. The outcome of the organizing committee discussions and decisions are outlined below.

Disciplinary actions against players, captains and umpires:
1. The Royals CC team players, Chakra Sarakinti and Bhaskar Kodali have been suspended for 1 game for the un-sportsman like behavior they exhibited during the game and for violating the DCL code of conduct /discipline/behavior expectations. It was noted that Bhaskar was not even part of the playing eleven for the Royals team for this game, but was present at the grounds, entered the playing area and got himself involved in the incident.
2. The Royals CC team captain, Shravan, has been suspended for 1 game for his un-sportsman like behavior and, for his inability to control his team members during the game thus violating the captain's responsibilities. It was noted that Shravan did make an attempt to control his team players during both incidents, but, his initial verbal outburst triggered the first incident, for which, his behavior has been considered un-sportsman like.
3. The Challengers CC team Captain, Ram Pujari has been warned for:
        -forfeiting / not completing the game
        -his inability to control his team members from getting involved in verbal duals
4. It was noted that the umpires were not able to take charge of the situation and they did not warn/eject the guilty players and their captains when they indulged in un-sportsman like behavior during the game. The captains of the 2 umpiring teams - Hyderabad Boyz and Amigos are hereby warned to make sure that the players they send for umpiring are fully aware of the DCL rules and have the ability control the game as needed.

Going forward policy/rules amendment for violating the DCL code of conduct
As you may be aware, the DCL is in the process of registering with USACA and is also spearheading the (DYCL) youth / women (DWCL) cricket development programs. Such incidents will certainly tarnish the image of the league and will also spoil the spirit of the cricket enthusiasts. So, the organizing committee strongly felt the need for more severe disciplinary actions on players and their teams that engage in such un-sportsman like conduct. Hence, the following amendments to the code of conduct section of the DCL Rulebook are made effective immediately.
4.    Umpires decisions are final and binding during the game. Arguing orintimidating the umpire is NOT ACCEPTABLE and could lead to severedisciplinary actions against players as well as teams including, but, notlimited to suspension and penalty (both monetary and pointsdeduction)

5.    We strongly discourage any physical or verbal(direct or implied) attackby aplayer(s) against: A) The umpire B) Other cricketers C) The stumps, ball or other cricket gear D) Spectators.Guilty playerswill be ejected bythe umpires and may get suspended for 1 or more games. No substitutes will be allowed for the ejected player. If the player refuses toleave the field, the team will be penalized with forfeiture of the match.The teams that engage in such unrulybehavior will be penalized with deduction of 4 points. The organizing committee’sdecision on such matters will be final and binding on all teams.

6.    While thegame is underway, If a team forfeits a game because of disputes or any other reason,the team will be penalized with 4 points deduction in addition to consideringthat forfeited game as a loss.

Final Note:

The committee sincerely hopes that the punishments and the amended rules going forward will act as enough deterrent for players and teams to refrain from such unruly actions/behavior on the field. We are sure that all the teams in the league WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE TEAMS RESPECT THE RULES ANDPARTICIPATE  IN THE TRUE SPIRIT OF SPORTSMANSHIP.Remember, the teams are here to have fun and enjoy the game of cricket during the weekends. So we expect to see a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship from each and every team and their players.

The playing area belongs to the umpires during any DCL games. No player from outside can enter the playing area without the permission of the Umpires even if they want to give a water bottle / batting gloves. Batsman has to request the umpires and the umpires should then signal to the batting team either end of the over or as needed. Every player in DCL should show their talent with their batting / bowling / fielding skills rather than getting involved with altercations with the players / umpires or opponents.

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