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Dev Aerrabolu from Challengers CC launched a website with help of his friends to help Bhoopal's family. Please check the link to get constant updates on his condition and this website also has his pictures before and after the accident. and also

Going forward we will have every day updates on Facebook pages so we can engage more people. Please spread the word and lets contribute as much as we can to his family

Thanks for your all your prayers and help in advance.

One of our ex-player Bhopal Reddy met with an accident recently near to Houstan. He is in critical condition as of now....see below email for further details. I would request to send out an email to our DCL group or anyother group to collect some funds for there family at this crticial times. Please do needful.
PS: There is paypal link that can be used to contribute for the same.

Hi Friends,
I wanted to reach out to you all today, to share some sad news.
Our friend Bhoopal Reddy (you might remember him for his time with our Challengers Cricket Club) met with a life threating accident on 2nd April 2013 in Houston, TX. He was travelling back home when he collided with a 14 Wheeler truck which resulted in multiple injuries to his body and a savage blow to his skull. This resulted in him going into coma, pretty much instantaneously. It is reported that he was stuck inside the car for 2 -3 hours before paramedics could get him out and transport him to the hospital. He has been in coma since then till today. Doctors have said that his situation still remains grave and far from being normal.
While we pray and hope for his recovery we cannot deny the effect it has on his family (wife Roja and 2 girl children) especially monetarily. It is in this regard that we solicit your help.
As we all know while, living in America has its advantages, it also means one is away from one’s family and is totally depending on good health to work and sustain. And when the health is at risk, finances pose the biggest problem.
Hence, we reckoned that while, we hope our prayers help him recover completely and soon, we should also reach out to our friends and into our community to seek some monetary help, to ease the pressure on his family.
We do not want to impose on anyone, an amount towards contribution. We leave it to you, to decide how much you want to contribute, if any. We also request you to pray for him and his family in their hour of need.
If you wish to contribute please feel free to click on the PayPal link below and make the donation. I will also try to make sure we keep you apprised of Bhoopal’s situation as often as we can.
Please feel free to contact Roja (Bhoopal’s wife) if you wish to. I have provided all our contact information below.
Thanks for your all your prayers and help in advance.
Contact Information:
Devender Aerrabolu : Cell:  (847) 757 2642
If you can’t reach me, please feel free to contact Nitin Bidi (cell: 847 858 1086) or Krishna Pujari ( 847 346 6800)
Roja:  972 342 8829
Hospital Address:
2830 Calder Ave  Beaumont, TX 77702
PAYPAL Information:-

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