Minutes from the Captains meeting: Held on 01/27/2013

Minutes from the Captains meeting: Held on 01/27/2013


1.  NewRules and changes to existing rules:

a.   In order to minimize confusion, decision has been made to align with/follow ICC 20/20 rules as much as possible; wherever there are deviations,those will be high-lighted in the DCL rule book.

b.   Change to the leg side wide ball rule: Anything outside the leg stump that does not hit the bat or any part of the batsmen is considered a wide

c.   Change to the no-ball rule: In line with the ICC rule, 1 run will be awarded for all no-balls –whether it’s due to overstepping or height.

d.   Batsman leaving the field or retiring: The following ICC rule will be followed


A batsman may retire at any time during his innings. The umpires, before allowing play to proceed, shall be informed of the reason for a batsman retiring.

(a) If a batsman retires because of illness, injury or any other unavoidable cause, he is entitled to resume his innings subject to (c) below. If for any reason he does not do so, his innings is to be recorded as 'Retired – not out'.

(b) If a batsman retires for any reason other than as in (a)above, he may only resume his innings with the consent of the opposing captain.If for any reason he does not resume his innings it is to be recorded as 'Retired – out'.

(c) If after retiring a batsman resumes his innings, it shall be only at the fall of a wicket or the retirement of another batsman.


e.   On-side fielders behind the popping crease: The following ICC rule will be followed.

-     At the instant of the bowler's delivery there shall not be more than two fielders, other than the wicket-keeper, behind the popping crease on the on-side. A fielder will be considered to be behind the popping crease unless the whole of his person,whether grounded or in the air, is in front of this line. In the event of infringement of this Law by the fielding side, the umpire at the striker's end shall call and signal No-ball.


f.    Having fielders right behind the wicket-keeper or bowler (Acceptable under laws of Cricket).

-     The fielding positions behind the keeper and bowler are traditional fielding positions and are totally within the rules of the game. You can always employ the fielders in these positions (they are called Long Stop and Straight Hit positions in Cricket).


g.   When spring stumps are used in a game:

-     if the ball hits any part of the spring stumps including BASE and SPRING then it is a CLEAR out.

h.   Captains must make sure that no water bottle, cans or any other items are placed on or behind the stumps/spring stumps; if this rule is not adhered to and if the ball hits any item placed on or behind the stumps/spring stumps, it will be considered as ‘legal hit to the stumps’.

i.    Each team is allowed to take one strategic time-out, not exceeding 2 minutes during the game. The team can choose the timeout whenever they feel it’s necessary. The team captain should inform the umpire about the timeout at the end of an over. Teams are not allowed to leave the field during the strategic time-out. They need to remain inside the field, while discussing the strategy.

j.    Given that a strategic timeout has been added, it has been decided to bar any player, including the captain, from entering the field and consulting with batsman or fielder at any point during the game. If a batsman or fielder needs anything (equipment change, water etc) the item needs to be handed over to the leg-umpire at the end of the over and the umpires will in-turn pass it on to the player.

1.I => Strategic time-out will be taken only by the batting side? Please confirm.
            - NO. Each team is allowed 1 strategic timeout; they can utilize it whenever they want (while fielding or batting). For e.g. if the bowlers are getting clobbered, the fielding side may decide to utilize their strategic timeout.              
           If not, whether there could be total 4 strategic time outs?
            - NO, only 2 total strategic timeouts - 1 for each team.
           During this period how many players are allowed inside the field from the batting side?
            - No restrictions; entire team may join
           Whether managers or other team officials allowed inside the field?
            -NO; this can be a grey area. Teams may misuse and utilize players from other teams that are there to watch the game, as officials.

k.   Unless otherwise specified in DCL rulebook or DCL Umpiring Guidelines, teams should follow the ICC rules and playing conditions of T20 International penned by Lord’s MCC andICC.

Certified Umpires:

In order to improve the quality of umpiring, it has been decided that all umpires need to be certified before officiating any game. This will be strictly enforced from the summer tournament onwards. All teams are encouraged to start getting their players certified in umpiring ASAP. Organizers will arrange for umpiring seminars /exams to help the teams in this regard.

Player conduct:
Captains were reminded to follow the rules and the spirit of the game in regards to player conduct. We have received numerous complaints in prior tournaments and would like to see the captains take more active role toreign-in their players when needed. Severe punishments as outlined in the DCL rulebook will be meted-out to captains and players whenever player code of conduct is violated.


Any and all suggestions from players and captains to attract sponsorship are welcome.


Website changes /maintenance:
Need help in maintaining DCL website.

-Adding additional features /advertisement etc


-Portal for requesting/hiring umpires and signing-up for umpiring

-Webpage to provide feedback and to lodge Complaints


Need a CPA who can volunteer and help with Tax filing.

Sincere thanks to Vikas Throat from Indus for helping us getting a couple of new grounds. We need to continue exploring other grounds wherever possible/available.


Player Development:
Youth coaching is currently underway. Jr/youth League will be added, as part ofDCL, soon.


Suggestions / Feedbackother discussion points:

1.  A few captains suggested that we should make the winners from each division play knock-out among themselves to award a ‘grand winner’. A few others felt that this will provide more games to the winners and take-up additional week-ends(at-least 2) depriving other teams possible additional games in the follow-on tournament. These view-points will be further considered before arriving at a decision.

Open Discussion Points:
Do we need to have a annual dinner/banquet?


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