Team Meeting (Captains/Vice Captains) January 27th (4:00pm - 6:00pm)

Spring Registration is now open please check the website for announcements.

Announcement Section:

To minimize the operational effort during the tournaments we are trying to avoid sending emails. So all communications would be done in the Announcement Section on our website. Please check the announcement section on our website regularly.


DCL organziers 
have planned a get together of league management, at the EICA English Indoor Cricket Acadamey on Sunday January 27th between 4pm - 6pm. Attached please find the address, Samosas / Drinks will be served.

Address to the EICA indoor Cricket facility
Address: 2435 Squires Place,
Farmer's Branch, TX 75024

Who should attend this meeting. Atleast one member per team should be present. So Captains if you can come that would be really good, if for some reason you cannot make it please make sure atleast someone from your team is attending this meeting.

Sunday 4pm-6pm at EICA (Please park your car in the front If the parking is full please park it at the back or on the road

Date : Sunday January 27th
Time: 4pm-6pm
Location: EICA indoor Cricket facility


Scheduling Preferences:
We are not going to accept any preferences from this Spring 2013 as the league is growing and its getting very difficult to accept preferences. If you have preferences for Saturdays / Sundays / Morning/ Afternoon / Grounds please think twice before registering your team in the league.

Certified Umpires:
Minimum two members from team should be certified and team needs to send them to the umpiring. With this quality will increase and we can minimize the issues.

Tournament formats
1) Is the current format okay or do you think any changes is required.
2) Should we start playing with Season ball / Leather ball ?

  1) For example anything on the leg side is a wide or Umpire can make the call if its close to the stumps (like ICC)
  2) During non-power play,  4 players + wicket keeper should be inside the 30yards circle (Standard Rule)

Player conduct:
1) Need to address Sledging, respect to opponent team players etc.,
1) How to attract sponsorship
2) How much sponsorship do we need.
1) Can anyone help with maintaining website.
2) Need help with testing and Provide positive feedback.
3) Advertisements
4) Portal/Webpage for hiring umpires and/or allow someone available for umpiring
5) Webpage to lodge Complaints/Suggestions
1) Any CPA who can volunteer help with out Tax filing.
2) Any help with Balls/Tapes distribution.

1) Explore other grounds available. We would like to Thank Vikas Thorat from Cirrus for helping us getting few grounds.
Player Development:
1) Jr League.
2) Training session?
1) Areas of improvement.
2) Frequently occurring issues/problems.
3) Suggestion for future tournaments.
Mis: Organizer committee / Advisory Committee
1) Anyone want to be an organizer
2) Do we need to have a annual dinner like NTCA

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