Important Points to note for the Teams

Important Points to note for the Teams

1. Swapping umpiring duty

Swapping umpiring duty between/among teams is strictly prohibited. This is to avoid manipulation by any team and to eliminate unwanted controversies that organizers had to deal with in prior tournaments. Also,while scheduling games, organizers try to avoid putting both umpires from the same team to officiate a game; this may be compromised if swapping is allowed. So please do not swap any umpiring assignments.

a.     Secondpower play can be chosen by the batting team anytime during the remaining the16 overs.

b.   A maximum of 2 fielders are allowed outside the inner circle during the first power play

c.     A maximum of 3 fielders are allowed outside the inner circle during the second power play

1.    Rain/Washout/ Bad Weather


1.    If the game is not completed due to bad light or bad weather,teams will have to split points, except under situations outlined in 3, below.

2.    In case, a game has to be stopped before completion and before the second innings completed

10 overs, the teams will have to split points if its not possible to continue within  the next 2 hours.

3.    In case, a game has to be stopped before completion but after the second innings completed 10 overs, the game will be decided on run rate at the time of stoppage. If the game is stopped before the over is completed, run rate at the end of previous over should be considered

4.    If a game is stopped for whatever reason (rain, unavailability of the ground etc), it will be treated in accordance with item #1, 2 and 3 above. Scores at the time of stoppage will need to be entered along with the appropriate result/no result. This way, the teams net run rate gets fairly reflected based on the performance until play stoppage. Also, the team members will get their due credit for their batting, bowling or fielding performance.

5.    If it has rained the previous night or is raining, the 2 hour maximuwait should be followed by a

pitch inspection by the umpire(s). If play is deemed possible by the umpire(s) and the captains, then a reduced overs match (10overs minimum) should be played that day.

6.   Cold Weather

a.    If the forecast indicates that it will be 50 degrees (F) or more through-out the playing time, the teams are required to play the match as per the schedule. Weather readings should be taken at and should be taken at 8PM on the previous day.

b.    If damp conditions are expected or forecast does not meet the requirements as per rule a. above, a mutually suitable alternate start time, within a 2 hours window, can be agreed-upon by the two teams and should be communicated to the umpiring team. In this situation, umpiring teams are obligated to officiate the game. Teams need to make sure they complete their game before the scheduled start time for the next game, if there is any other game scheduled, on that ground. If the teams are required to play a reduced overs game (at-least 10 overs a side) to meet the time constraints, they are expected to do so.

c.     If the 2 teams decide to play their game in-spite of weather conditions NOT as per rule a. above, either at the scheduled start time or within the 2 hours window, umpiring teams are obligated to send their umpires to officiate.

d.    If the weather is not suitable to play as mentioned in a.or b. above, teams may decide to split points; DCL will not reschedule games that are affected by inclement weather. If teams make their own arrangements to play the game on an alternate date or outside the 2 hour window, the umpiring teams are not obligated to officiate the game;

Game start time, Umpiring and Penalty:


1.     It’s extremely important to start the game on-time due to ground availability constraints.

2.     Teams are expected to arrive at the ground at-least 15 minutes before the scheduled game time.

3.     Umpires should arrive at the ground at-least 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.

4.     Team captains and Umpires need to ensure the game starts on-time.

5.     If any team is short of players and is not ready to start, umpires should strictly enforce the penalty rule. If both teams are short of players and are not ready to start at the scheduled start time, umpires should deduct applicable number of overs per rule to both the teams. Please note that in this case, both teams net run rate will take a hit as it will be considered as 20 overs game even though they play lesser # of overs

6.     If any or both the umpires do not show-up on-time, teams are expected to start the game with their own umpires. Please DO NOT CALL the organizers during this situation Team captains and the umpire are required to communicate the absence or late arrival of umpire(s) to the organizers via email after the game.

7.     Every team needs to take umpiring responsibility VERY seriously. Please note the responsible team will be docked 2 points for each umpiring miss and there is a monetary fine of $50 for the first offense and $100 for the repeat offense. Team is required to pay the fine within 3 days of the offense; else, they will have to forfeit their next game. This penalty will impact the team ranking and might be carried over to the next tournament too.

8.     Please note if any team makes alternate arrangements for umpiring, it's their responsibility to make sure the umpire shows-up. If there is no show by the umpire, the originally scheduled team will be penalized. This is to discourage any kind of manipulation by the team that misses umpiring;

9.     If teams make any alternate arrangements, they need to notify the organizers and the affected team captains/ vice captains 24 hours before the game.


Behavior expectations:


1.     We encourage all the teams to play in line with the laws and spirit of the game. The teams are here to have fun and enjoy the game of cricket during the weekends. So we expect to see a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

2.     It’s the duty of the team captains to maintain discipline and decorum on the field;

3.     Umpires decisions are final. Arguing or intimidating the umpire is NOT ACCEPTABLE and could lead to suspension of player(s) and team(s)

4.     Everyone should follow the rules and regulations of appropriate conduct on the field; everything that happens falls under the jurisdiction of the city/town police department. We strongly discourage any physical or verbal (direct or implied) attack by a player(s) against: A) The umpire B) Other cricketers C) The stumps, ball or other cricket gear D) Spectators. Guilty players will be ejected by the umpires and may get suspended for 1 or more games. If the player refuses to leave the field, the team will be penalized with forfeiture of the match. No substitutes will be allowed for the ejected player.

5.     Umpires and Captains are required to file a complaint and submit an incident report about any indecent behavior by a player or a team on the field.

6.     Teams are required to clean-up the ground/pavilion after the game and to put back any items they may have moved before the game.

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