Games Rescheduling - Important Notes!

1st weekend Games rescheduled
The Games scheduled on 2/11/2012 and 2/12/2012 have been rescheduled in April. The City of Plano did not have the ground insurance received and approved before 2/11/2012, due to which we had to officially rescheduled these game.

Games will no longer be rescheduled
Please note that any games that are being washed out due to weather related reasons will NOT be rescheduled. Both the teams will split the points for the game. We do not have an open weekend to reschedule the games due to the tight schedule and do not have any extra authorized ground slots available during this tournament. The teams are unofficially allowed to have a re-match at their own will if both the teams agree and find the grounds, however the umpiring teams are not obligated to umpire. Please refrain form playing on Russel Creek grounds and Allen grounds since we are not authorized to play except for the time slots that have the games scheduled.

Please refrain from calling/emailing the organizers regarding rescheduling washed out games. The teams are expected to update the scores and mark the game as a tie. In case they do play the game unofficially, the scores should be updated on the website.

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