Team Eagles/Irving Cowboys and player penalized for playing with 2 teams

It was brought to the attention of the organizers that one of the players of Irving Cowboys in Division C played for Eagles for their 1 match against VR Tigers in Division D. The player then continued to play for Irving Cowboys in Div C.

After confirming this episode with the respective teams, the following penalties have been issued:
1. Player of Irving Cowboys team has been suspended and cannot play for any team for the rest of the Fall Tournament
2. Team Eagles have been penalized 4 points for allowing the player to Play for them
3. Team Irving Cowboys have been penalized 4 points for continuing to let the player play for them

As per DCL rules players are allowed to play only for 1 team in a tournament i.e. they cannot play for another team within or in another division in the same tournament. In this scenario, a guilty player will be suspended for n matches or for the tournament. The guilty teams using the player will be penalized by points and/or could also get suspended from the tournament

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