Survey questions

Survey Questions

1. What are the specific things you think DCL is doing good?
2. What specific improvements do you think DCL should address/work-on? Please be specific and do not generalize.
3. DCL is growing exponentially and is not able to find grounds to meet the demands. Can you specifically work with your town/city and explore avenues to help DCL get aditional grounds?
4. Does the current divisional structure, scheduling, umpiring, combining teams from all divisions during spring league, promotion and relegation etc. allowing you to enjoy cricket with competitiveness?
 5. Are the current set of rules enough? Do you suggest any modifications to improve experience?
6. Are the desciplinary actions that you have seen in the league against teams /players when they do not follow rules or when they do not play in the spirit of the game conducive? e.g. verbal and physical abuse, playing for more than one team, approaching teams to forefeit to improve playoff possibility, team disputes etc. please be specific if you suggest additional measure to improve the experience.
7. Current weather rule allows games to be called-off if temperature is less than 50 F during the playing window. Do you think this is the right temperature to enjoy cricket? Should we consider lowering it to 45F and allow players to waer mittens/gloves?
8. What do you think of current policy on no rescheduling of games due to ground constraints? Do you have any practical/specific suggestions for improvements in this area?
9. Should DCL limit the number of teams because of ground constraints. Please note that this may impact your team too at some point. If your answer is yes, How do we limit? first come first serve basis, seniority of the team,etc?
10. Is there someone from your team already volunteering for DCL on a regular basis? if not, can you nominate a volunteer from your team to help DCL?
11. Do you think DCL should host an annual Banquet for the DCL family? Are you willing to participate and pay to attend the banquet?
12. DCL plans to have an annual captains and vice captains meeting to discuss the way things are going, issues, improvements etc. Are you willing and committed to participate?

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