Disciplinary action against Wild Bulls and Tigers X1 teams

DCL Community members,
DCL management received a formal complaint from the Tigers X1 team about a physical altercation that occurred during the T30 summer league semi-final game between Tigers X1 and Wild bulls team. In addition, umpires that officiated the game sent detailed reports on the game and reported specific players for physical altercation and unsportsmanlike conduct – sledging, challenging and questioning umpires’ decisions and use of foul language. DCL conducted a thorough investigation of the incidents that occurred through-out the game and found several violations from the teams and players. In fact, one of the teams had recorded the entire game, which allowed the committee members to watch the unedited videos of the game completely. While the investigation was underway, DCL management noted that the player involved in the physical altercation approached the opposition team members and apologized to them, which was eventually accepted and well received by them.

Before we announce the decision taken by the DCL management, we wanted to bring to everyone’s attention the statement that we have in our DCL By-laws document

‘Everyone should follow the rules and regulations of appropriate conduct on the field; just FYI, everything that happens falls under the jurisdiction of the city/town police department’

Hope this statement makes it very clear to everyone about the potential consequences of any verbal and/or physical abuse or altercations on the field. Please note, DCL management and the community will not have any control in how players/teams impacted will decide to pursue any such incidents. We strongly urge every community member to play within the spirit of the game and stay away from getting in trouble with any kind of verbal or physical abuse.

In line with our code of conduct, following decisions/actions have been taken by the DCL Management. Please note that the discussions and the goodwill that happened between the affected teams have some bearing on the final decisions to a certain extent; It may have been a lot harsher, otherwise, but, we strongly warn teams to not count on it or take it for granted if similar situations occur in the future.   

  • Jawahar Kaliamurthy, Wild Bulls team captain that initiated the minor physical altercation by bumping his shoulders to an opponent player’s chest, has been suspended for the finals game of the T30 summer league tournament.
  • Nishant Shah and Nitin Ranjan, Tigers X1 team captain and vice-captain respectively, and Jawahar Kaliamurthy and Pradipta Dasgupta, captain and vice-captain of Wild Bulls team are being reprimanded for unsportsmanlike conduct by their team members – sledging, challenging and questioning umpires’ decisions and use of foul language.
  • Incidents of Umpires reporting a team or a player for unsportsmanlike conduct will be dealt with sternly. This may result in points deduction, suspension for players, suspension of the captain/vice-captain from games etc. 

There are many lessons from the game that we found will certainly help the community in a huge way to avoid any such incidents. Here are a few major ones.

  • First and foremost, teams are here to have fun and enjoy the game of cricket. Provoking players through sledging and foul language often result in untoward incidents; Captains, vice captains and managers of the teams should take responsibility of their team’s behavior and curb any such occurrences in the initial stages itself.
  • Questioning and challenging umpires’ decision at any stage will not do any good for the teams and the game. Same will hold good for aggressive behavior by players towards a fellow player or an umpires.
  • Most importantly, stay away from any physical altercation and abuse. As stated above, everything that happens in the field falls under the jurisdiction of the city/town police department’.

As always, DCL Management reiterates the importance of playing in the spirit of the game and using right judgement at all situations.

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