Disciplinary Action against Maharashtra Sports Club Captain-Tape Ball Summer League 2018

DCL Community members,

Recently,DCL management was made aware of a situation where captain of the Maharashtra Sports Club team, Umesh Kadam, casually approached the opposing team through a mutual friend, about giving a walk-over when rain was forecasted to affect their game. This was in the summer 2018 tape ball league to position their team at the top to gain an advantage in getting promoted to the higher division. DCL code of conduct strictly prohibits any such behavior by DCL community members,as it’s completely against the spirit of the game. Hence, the following decision/action has been taken by the DCL Management.    

  • Umesh Kadam, Maharashtra Sports Club captain during the summer league 2018, has been suspended for one game. He will not be allowed to play their team’s next game during the weekend of September 14th.

Please note, DCL Management is well aware that this approach by Umesh did not result in opposition team giving a walk-over. Had there been an undue advantage to their team by securing the walk-over, DCL Management would have taken a much harsher decision including, but, not limited to, nullifying the result, deducting additional points and relegating the team to lower division etc.    

DCL Management reiterates the importance of playing in the spirit of the game and using right judgement at all situations. We hope this will be a good lesson learned for the DCL community members. 

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