Update to Ball usage policy and rule change on wide marker

Dear DCL community members,

In order to simplify the rules and to make the experience better for the community members, DCL is making updates to the ball usage policy and to the wide marking rule. These rule and policy updates are effective immediately.

Ball usage policy:

As you may be aware, DCL introduced policy on ball usage before the summer 2018 tournament to promote use of newer set of balls in tape ball cricket and to make teams discard older, heavier set of balls. Though the policy was made to create a level playing field, it resulted in a few teams having to forfeit their games and the DCL management had to deal with numerous issues. Learning from the experiences that we have had during the summer tournament and based on the feedback that we received from the community, we are making some necessary adjustments to simplify the policy and to make it easier for all the teams. Hope this will reduce the complexity and burden on the teams going forward.

Outlined below is the policy update on ball usage.

  1. Before the start of every game (and NOT each innings), each team needs to tape 6 balls(at-least) and hand it over to the umpires.

  2. Umpires will inspect the balls for proper taping, mix balls from both teams and will keep the pool of balls with them.

  3. Umpire will pick the ball randomly from the pool and give it to the bowler during the beginning of the innings and whenever ball change is needed. Please note that no one can demand a different ball from the umpire for any reason.

  4. Umpire will keep all the used and non-used balls and will distribute them equally (to the extent possible) to both teams at the end of the game.

  5. During cold weather conditions in winter, tape may come off more frequently; so, teams are encouraged to tape additional 3 balls each and give it to the umpires in order to avoid delays during the game because of shortage of balls.

  6. Teams are urged to use the newer balls given by DCL; if any team has an older set of balls or if they are not sure, please get them exchanged from any of the DCL ball distributors ASAP.

Wide Marking Rule update:

This change is being made to remain consistent with the ICC rule to the extent possible.

Update to Law 25 in DCL Tape Ball Cricket Handbook:

The offside wide marker is marked as one bat length from the Middle stump. A delivery bowled down the leg side would be considered as wide ball.

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