Player Behavior Expectations & Respecting Umpires Decisions

Dear DCL community members,

We have been getting a lot of complaints from umpires and teams on abusive and aggressive player behavior against umpires and other players. During last week-end games, we received two such formal complaints, which we have been strictly dealing with at this point.

We would like to reiterate the fact that umpires’ decision on the field is final and every team needs to abide by that. Any player, captain or the team questioning umpires’ decision or abusing the umpires/ other players will be strictly dealt with, including suspension from games and from the league itself. Please also note that any physical abuse /altercations will involve local law enforcement authorities apart from the DCL imposed league suspensions.

We strongly urge every team and every player to abide by the rules and play with the right sportive spirit to enjoy the game of cricket.

Captains / Team managers: Please make sure this message is communicated to and discussed with all the players in your team. Also, keep in mind that it's the captain's responsibility to make sure that all team members understand and adhere to the rules/guidelines of DCL.

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