Disciplinary action against cricketers in DLCL Summer League 2017


We have an unfortunate situation during the Summer League 2017 Tape ball league. One of the Vikings players played for two  teams during this summer league. He played the First game for DCL Friends CC and then also played a game for Vikings. DCL rules and the bylaws strictly prohibit players playing for more than one team in the same tournament. Hence, the following decisions/actions have been taken by the DCL Management.  

1.    Harish Yalamanchili, the player that played for Vikings as well as DCL Friends CC teams has been suspended from playing DCL/DLCL for the next games. (2 games in DCL, 2 in DLCL).

2.    Saikiran Senapati, being the captain of the Vikings Tape ball League team, is suspended for 1 tape ball game during this 2017 Summer tape ball league. He will need to sit out the next game of the Vikings tape ball team. He should have been a role model and should have immediately brought this to DCL Managements attention. We understand he wasnt aware that Harish Yalamanchili already played for DCL Friends CC in the very first game and later on when he came to know he failed to Notify DCL Management about this and thought of letting it go under the carpet. Which is why we are very disappointed.

We want the Captains / Vice Captains to keep educating their players and ask them to inform you immediately if they plan on joining another team after the end of each DCL/DLCL season. Also keep educating them that they can only play for one team per season if they fail to do so the entire team may get affected and or the Captain/Vice Captain will get affected.

DCL Management reiterates again that it’s the captain’s responsibility to do the necessary due diligence on players playing for multiple teams and to make sure the team understands and follows the DCL Rules and bylaws. If the Captain or the Vice Captain is not sure about any player who plays in DCL/DLCL they can always send an email to and ask them to check the DCL/DLCL database to find out about the player details. We hope that this will serve as a deterrent to all the teams and the players to indulge in such activities. DCL Management will not hesitate to take harsher actions to curb such activities by players and captains to make a "level playing field" for all the DCL teams

What is done in the Dark Comes out in light !!!

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