Umpiring Seminar February 4th 2017

Umpiring Seminar: Please make sure to block this date and Time.

Date: Saturday February 4th 2017 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

DLCL Umpiring seminar is going to be held on Saturday February 4th 2017 . If time permits during this Seminar we will try to educate the participants about Chauka online scoring and Duckworth Lewis method.

Seminar Fee will be $25
For Students with a Valid ID the fee will be $15

A T-shirt  will be provided along with access to material to all the participants.


Please use this link for payment and registration


Venue: Haggard Library Genealogy Room
2501 Coit Rd, Plano, TX 75075
Arrival Time: 1:15 PM [We will need help with setting up the Chairs and Tables]

Only Certified Umpires will be allowed to do umpiring in the DLCL games, hence we request you to use this opportunity to get yourselves certified. New teams that have registered for Leather Ball Spring season 2017, please ensure all your players attend this seminar and get certified.  Players from DCL/DYCL/DWCL teams are also welcome to register for this Seminar. Please forward this email to your teammates!!!.


Umpiring Program Coordinator  - Upendra Kulkarni

Should you have any question please call 469-608-0DCL or 469-608-0325

Note: Players who have attended the seminar on August 20th 2016 are requested to come to this venue to write their certification exam at 5 PM.

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