DCL Instructions on Taping A Tennis Ball For Cricket (Full Ball Tape)

Watch the YouTube Video

The  kid in the above video is taping the ball correctly. We always use only one layer covered. The only thing he is doing is using a red tape to make the seam but we use the same white tape to make the seam and we put 5-6 layers for the seam not more than that.

Ball Usage

a)     Only balls that are supplied by the organizers should be used for tournament matches. These are heavy Nivia 3812 tennis balls imported from India. White electric insulation tape should be used to cover the ball and provide seam. Recommended number of layers for the seam is 5-6. Do not use too much tape to make the ball heavy. The only purpose of the tape is to keep the ball dry and provide seam.


b)     Umpire should check the taped balls and make sure that they are not too heavy and they do not have too many layers of seam.


c)       Every bowling side should get a newly taped tennis ball at the beginning of the innings. The decision to re-tape the ball or to provide a newly taped ball at any stage of the innings is with the umpire(s). Tampering with the tape of a ball is prohibited


d)     A bowler cannot pick any ball they want to use during the course of the game. The teams should provide the balls to the umpires that they taped before the start of the game. The Umpires will pick the ball and hand over to the bowler. If the next bowler wants to change the ball he should ask the umpire. Umpire should check the condition of the ball and if he thinks the game can be continued with the same ball, he can just ask the bowler to continue without changing the ball. If the umpire decides to use anew ball, he should then discard the old ball until it’s taped again. Two bowlers cannot use two different taped balls. Batsman can also ask the umpire to check the condition of the ball and leave the decision to the umpire. Umpire has the final authority on the condition of the balls. The captain or any other players cannot demand to change the ball.


e)     The umpires should inspect the kind of ball being used how old is the ball. We as organizers provide enough balls and tapes for the entire tournament. So before the start of the game please show the kind of balls and tapes you plan on using to the umpires and let them make a call.The seam on the ball is also important. 


Here are the steps that every team member should follow while taping the balls.

Step 1:  Take the tennis ball and hold end of the tape stick the end of the tape on the tennis ball from where ever you want

Step 2:  Now roll the tape around the tennis ball completing circle keep the tension not too tight that tape loose its elasticity nor too loose that tape become ball itself.

Step3:   Now if you have completed the Second step you have to do same thing over & over again just rotating the circles you are making to some degrees (to the left or right where ever you want)after completing each circle on the tennis ball ,Like this photo (Attached)


 Step 4:  Least but not last make sure you haven't left any open spaces because water is unhealthy for ball Specially tennis ball (Because tennis ball absorbs a lot of water. Finally tapped tennis ball is ready to be used in cricket matches.

Step 5:  The final seam should be no more than 6 full circles after the ball is fully taped.

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