Umpiring Seminar on Saturday May 7th 2016


Umpiring Seminar: Please make sure you block this date and Time.

Date:    Saturday May 7th 2016 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

DLCL Umpiring seminar is going to be held on Saturday, May 7th 2016.  If time permits during this Seminar we will try to educate the participants about Chauka online scoring and Duckworth Lewis method. Please make sure you use this opportunity to get yourselves certified. Players from DCL/DYCL/DWCL teams are also welcomed to Register for this Seminar. Please forward this email to your teammates !!! Players Must Register by May 5th 2016. Students who are interested in attending this seminar must send an email to by May 5th 2016 [Students are FREE !!! but must register]

Date:    Saturday May 7th 2016 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Students with a Valid ID are FREE, Others have to Pay $10

Please plan on being there by 12:15 pm as everyone would need time to settle down to this new location. Please make sure you make the payment of $10 online. No CASH Transactions. Players who have registered online will only be taken for this Seminar.

Venue: Haggard Library in PLANO TX
Address: 2501 Coit Rd, Plano, TX 75075
Time:    12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Date:    Saturday May 7th 2016
Arrival Time: 12:15 PM [We will need help with setting up the Chairs and Tables]

Vamsi Krishna Chada - Instructor

If you have any players who have not yet been Certified, This would be the time to get them certified. Please ask your players from your team that will be attending the Seminar to make an online payment of 10$.

If your team already has a list of certified players please send their name to me ASAP I will maintain their names on our website.

Only Certified Umpires will be allowed to umpire during any games in DLCL. Each Team has to umpire 7 games and will be the responsibility of the team.

Vamsi Krishna Chada - Instructor

Should you have any question please call me immediately 817-371-0801

Players Registered First name-Vishnu Vardhan Reddy  Last name-Kelam (Student)
First name Sidharath Last Name Roy (Paid)
First Name: Vikash Last Name: Varma Paid
First Name: Ravindranath Last Name: Tumuluri Paid
First Name: Arun Last Name: Konda Paid
First Name: Atiqur Mohammad, Last Name: Rahman (Paid)
First Name: Marisamy Last Name: Ponnusamy
First Name: Thayanidhi Last Name: Nagendran Paid
First Name: Ashwin Last Name: Kumar CVJ (Paid)
First Name: Kapil  Last Name: Chowdary
First Name: Kalyan  Last Name: Gopaluni
First Name: Harikiran  Last Name: Mannemela
First Name: Nishanth  Last Name: Nagarajan (Paid)
First Name: Chandrakumar  Last Name: Sivanathan (Paid)
First Name: Suresh  Last Name: Swamynathan
First Name: Khaja Tajdeen  Last Name: Ashraf Ali Paid
First Name: Aravind Last Name: Lolakpuri Paid
First Name- Nikhil Last name- Subramanyam
First Name: Sateesh Last Name: Peddaiahgari Paid
First Name : Surendran Last Name : Nagaraj Paid
First Name: Hiren Last Name: Gundigara Paid
First Name: Bhavin Last Name: Kotak Paid
First Name: Ramakrishnan Last Name: Karuppiah Paid
First Name: Kathiravan Last Name: Munusamy Paid
First Name: Avinash Last Name: Noothan Paid
First Name: Sundararajan Last Name: Jeyabal (Paid)

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