Disciplinary Action against Anveta Bulls Player and Captain of Dallas Chargers Team

Effective immediately, Dallas Chargers (Blue Devils) Captain Srikanth Vinukonda has been suspended for 2 games and Anveta Bulls (DCL Friends CC) and Dallas Chargers (Blue Devils) Player Srikanth Adde has been suspended for 1 game from the DCL Tape ball Fall League 2015 cricket tournament

DCL organizing committee came to know that Srikanth Adde played for 2 teams during the DCL Tape Ball Summer League cricket tournament. The committee conducted a detailed inquiry on this incident. The captain violated the league rules by allowing the player to play for his team, after he played for another team in the same tournament. The player violated the league rules by playing for the second team in the same tournament. Hence, disciplinary action has been taken against the captain and the player for violating the DCL rules/ violating the DCL code of conduct. 

All team captains are encouraged to share this information with all their team members to make them aware of the consequences of such actions.
The organizing committee was very disappointed to note that teams and their captains continue to indulge in such behavior even after knowing the consequences of such actions from prior incidents. The purpose of this email is to educate every team to be aware of the rules and abide by the rules all the time while playing in a structured league format.

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