Chauka Best 9 mins 32 seconds (See the Video) DCL/DLCL Players


The videos below will answer all your questions about Chauka scoring app (IOS / Android)

Always download the latest App (Android as well as IOS) before the match. Please make sure only one assigned scorer logs in using your Chauka team account. We do not want multiple players logging in. During the Innings Break Make sure you transfer the Scoring to your opposite team.(Watch the Video on how to do that) Logging out will not take care of this, you have to assign the scoring to the opposite team from the menu very simple step takes less than 10 seconds. Follow the Rules it will make your life easier.

The Goal is to train every player in your team who has an Android or IOS Phone by the end of this Spring Season. (Remember Paper scoring is Final score) 
Please make sure you add all your players before every match, most of the teams have their playing 11 by now.

Ask all your players to watch the Video. send this message across your team. assign your Chauka scorer now before the game. Make him watch the videos, if anyone has questions please ask them to call me 972-814-3921. I am willing to answer all questions after you watch the video.

How to score ? - Chauka Cricket Scoring App (Android Version) [3 mins 28 seconds]

Full detailed Video 2 Chauka Mobile App Features (Android Version) [9 mins 32 seconds]

Scoring full match - Chauka iOS App [7 mins 19 seconds]

Use Full Links for the Chauka App that would come handy. Please ask all your teammates to watch these videos

How to score ? - Chauka Cricket Scoring App (Android Version) [3 mins 28 seconds]

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