Duckworth Lewis Calculator for Weather Interrupted Games: effective immediately


Withimmediate effect, DCL Has decided to use the publicly available Duckworth Lewis(DL) calculator for weather interrupted games; Link to the calculator isprovided below. It’s a simple to use calculator that’s applicable for mostcommon scenarios. It works well on smart phones, so, can be utilized duringgames by the umpires.

Pleasenote this is complementary to our weather interruption rules as outlined in theBy-laws and/or the Handbook.  

Someimportant points to note while using this new feature:

  1. Ifthe game start time is delayed due to adverse weather or ground conditions,umpires will decide the reduced number of overs for the game. (assume 4.5 mins per over + 10 minutes innings break). DL calculatordoes not come into picture in this situation.  

  2. Incase of delayed start due to adverse weather, there must be at-least 5 overs perside play to constitute a game. This is in-line with the ICC T20 rules. If the umpiresdecide that a 5 over game is possible by waiting up-to 3 hours, teams must abideby that decision and complete the game. Umpires may decide to deduct between 0and 15 overs depending on the start time.

  3. If thegame gets interrupted in-between by weather, umpires decision is final on whenthe game can resume; Team captains can provide input, but, will need to abideby the umpires’ decision. Umpires will apply the DL calculator, as appropriate,under the following scenarios.

    1. Whenone team completes their batting (either all-out or played 20 overs) and thenthe game gets interrupted: Umpires will decide if and when the game can resume;accordingly, they will calculate the number of overs possible, and then decide the target using the Duckworth Lewis calculator.

    2. When thegame is interrupted while the first or the second team is batting: Umpires willdecide the number of overs possible from resumption; they will decide the # ofovers for both the teams and then, the target for the second team using DLcalculator

    3. Whenthe game is interrupted while the second team is batting:

      1. Ifplay resumption is possible, umpires will decide the # of overs and the target usingthe DL Calculator

      2. If theumpire decides that play cannot be resumed anymore, if the team batting second hasplayed at-least 5 overs, the target at that juncture will be determined by theumpires by using the DL calculator.

  4. DCLOrganizing committee reserves the right to amend the rules anytime asappropriate.

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