Tape Ball Spring 2017

Tape Ball Spring 2017
(Overs: 20)
Tournament Start Date:     Saturday, February 11, 2017
Tournament  End  Date:     Monday, June 05, 2017
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AwardTeam Name
AwardPlayer NameTeam NameStats
Man of the Match (Finals)   
Best Batsman   
Best Bowler   
Best Batting Score   
Best Bowling Figure   
Best Catcher   

Recent Match Results
DateTypeTeam 1Team 2WinnerResult
6/3/2017 SaturdayFinalDallas DynamitesCirrusDallas DynamitesWon by 16 Runs
5/20/2017 SaturdaySemiFinal 2CirrusVikingsCirrusWon by 7 wickets
5/20/2017 SaturdaySemiFinal 1Dallas DynamitesChennai RockerzDallas DynamitesWon By 7 Wickets
5/14/2017 SundayQuaterFinal 1Dallas DynamitesMustangs CCDallas DynamitesWon by 45 Runs
5/13/2017 SaturdayQuaterFinal 2The FightersCirrusCirrusWon by 6 wickets

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