DCL Dallas Leather Ball Cricket League in Fall 2013 (See Details)


DCL is proud to announce thelaunch of a new cricket tournament this fall (Leather ball t20). Continuing ourtradition of supporting cricket in the DFW metroplex and with lots ofenthusiasm shown by the cricketing fraternity for a T20 tournament based on theleather ball, we have come up with this tournament which would consist of only8 teams this fall.
Thecomplete information regarding the tournament is as follows
1.  Format :   Each team plays other team inthe tournament , so a total of 7 matches per team and the topper is declaredthe winner.
2.  Rules : ALL ICC rules including the LBW and leg byeswould also come into picture.  We will bereleasing the playing conditions pretty soon.
3.   Registration Fees: This isgoing to be around $350 per team andif we have more number of team opting to play the league,  the fees would come down.
4.   Venues. All current and past DCL venues would beused for this tournament.
5.   Questionsabout DCL participation:
5.1  Q1 Can I play both the tape tennis andleather tournaments?:
Yes ,if your team likes to play in both tournaments, we can arrange for the schedule to be planned accordingly. Please note that there may be tennis ball league game as well as leather ball league game on the same week-end, but on different days.
For Individuals: If your team is playing in only one of the tournaments, and individually if you want to play the other tournament with another team, you are welcome to do that, but, we can not guarantee that the schedule will be conducive for that every week-end.
5.2 Whenare the leather ball tournaments to be held in the calendar year?.
All teams have the option to play leather ball tourney in fall, spring and Summer. Please note: In summer , Tape tennis tourney needs to be played in order to hold your divisional position in DCL Tape tennis ball league.
6.   League Promotion
6.1  We would be naming this league as aprofessional league out of DFW and would registered with USACA
6.2  Prizes and sponsors are being discussed andwould be announced once things are finalized.
6.3  Umpiring Sessions would be undertaken toestablish the highest level of standards with respect to decision making process.
6.4  Colored Clothing is mandatory.
6.5  Balls used would be white and brand would beintimated later.
Pleasefeel free to discuss this with your team and contact me for any clarifications.
Letsplay together and enjoy the game of cricket and bring the game a reputation inUS for generations to come.

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