Plano Packers Vs Incredibles Indians Match

Incredible Indians Team Captain has been suspended from further participation in the Fall 2012 Tournament:
It was brought to the Organizers attention that one of the Division C games between Incredible Indians and Plano Packers was forefieted by the Incredible Indians team while the game was underway. This incident occured after the Incredible Indians team scored 71 runs batting first and the PP team had reached 31 runs for the loss of 2 wickets in 6.2 overs. Upon detailed investigation by the organizing committee it was evident that the Incredible Indians team took matters to their own hands and acted rather than approaching the umpires and letting them handle the situation. NO team has the right to abandon a match PERIOD. Only umpires can take that decision.

They brought the game to disrepute by acting in this manner. Hence, the Organizing committee has decided to suspend the Incredible Indians team captain from further participation in the fall 2012 tournament. Also We have decided to deducted 2 points from Incredible Indians Team.

Plano Packers needs to enter the exact scores on the web, for example if your team scored 31 runs in 6.2 overs for the loss of 2 wickets , add exactly that on the web. We need you to completely add the scoresheet for both the innings
The organizing committee sincerely hopes that the DCL teams and all the players will make a note of this incident and the resultant decision and, exercise restraint and caution with their on-field behavior. The committee expects true spirit of sportamanship from all the teams and their players while enjoying the game of cricket.
Update to the rule book with the following clarification
8. Rain /Washout/ Bad Weather
4. If a game is stopped for whatever reason (rain, forfeiture, unavailability of the ground etc), it will be treated in accordance with item #1, 2 and 3 above. If the decision is 'not to reschedule' the game, the scores at the time of stoppage will need to be entered along with the appropriate result. This way, the teams net run rate gets fairly reflected based on the performance until play stoppage. Also, the team members will get their due credit for their batting, bowling or fielding performance.

Kuljit-Singh Nijjar

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