Summer 2012 Trophy Presentation


As we head into the last weekend of this fantastic summer tournament we would like to invite you all to The trophy presentation ceremony for Summer 2012 tournament to be held at Russell Creek Park, Ground G4 on Sunday the 19th at 11:30 AM.

Since we still have 14 games to be played across  4 divisions this weekend, We do not have clear Winners, Runners and Best Players yet.

We would like to invite all the Probable teams that are expecting to Stand as Winners and Runners to this presentation Ceremony.

Along with that we also have the following awards in each division for

1.   Best Batsman – Most number of runs scored in their division

2.   Best top score – For Highest score in their division

3.  Most Catches – for catches in their division

4.   Best Bowler – For most number of Wickets in their division

5.   Best Bowling performance – Best bowling figures  Most wickets taken/least runs given.

Due to the same reason of pending games please look up your respective team members who have a chance to win these above best player awards in each category and make sure they show up for the presentation ceremony as well.

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