17 Teams Practice Grounds (Reservations Dues) (See Details)


I have spent alot of time to get the final amount for each team for their Ground usage since Fall 2011 until July 8th 2012, This Excel Spread sheet has the Ground usage for all the teams shown below.  Download the excel spread sheet from your email and check for your teams Tab for your teams Due for the Practice Grounds Reservations.  I
t took me alot of time and effort to dig all my emails to make this spread sheet. I have tried to be as accurate as I could. Make this as your Teams priority and make the payments ASAP. City of Plano has sent me a Final notice to take care of the balance by July 13th 2012.

Payment Method: ( FYI ... Do not use this method to register your teams in the future)
Pay your dues by logging into your Teams profile and  look for 
Click here to make a payment to DCL! option. Pay these dues by July 11th 2012.

FYI .... I have made my team FFCC's payment today!!!

17 teams Below.

Challengers CC
Challengers Red
Curd Rice
Dallas Chargers
Dallas Indians
Mustangs CC
OutLaws Ki JaiHo
Plano Tigers
Reservoir Dogs
Royals CC
Texas Titans
The Legends

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