Recent changes to DCL Management Committee and the Conflict resolution between two related DCL teams

Recent changes to DCL Management Committee and the Conflict resolution between two related DCL teams


DCL Management would like to provide details on some changes that happened recently in the DCL management committee due to a conflict that we had to resolve between two related DCL teams. This is mainly for teams' awareness so that teams can make informed decisions when they are approached by ex-committee members or other associations with their own personal agenda. We decided to send this communication out bacause the DCL Management members are getting calls from many teams informing us that Rajan Dwivedi was approaching them to join his league for a spring tournament that he is planning to launch soon.  

Rajan Dwivedi, who served as the chief strategy officer in the DCL committee for a short stint, has left the DCL management committee subsequent to a resolution of a conflict between the two teams that Rajan was part of, did not go in his favor. DCL Management wanted to publish these details so that all teams are aware of the conflict and how DCL management dealt with in resolving the conflict. At the end of the day, we want teams to note that DCL wants transparency and there will not be any favoritism to teams just because they have a team member part of the committee or leadership.
Two teams that Rajan was closely associated with - Dallas Drones (here after referred as Drones)  that played in Division C and Dallas Super Drones (here after referred as 'Super Drones') that played in Division E had internal issues. While the 2018 summer league was underway, some players from the 'Super Drones' team changed the DCL login password for the Drones team, which prevented Drones team from entering/updating the scoresheet. It turned out that Super Drones were trying to take control of Drones team at this point. Around the same time, registration for the 2018 fall league started and 'Super Drones' were trying to register under 'Drones' name in the C division, while the 'Drones' team captain and most of the players wanted to rename their team to 'Renegades' and disassociate themselves with Rajan Dwivedi and the 'Super Drones' team.

DCL Management received formal request from the Drones team to rename them as Renegades while remaining in Div C, where as Super Drones challenged it and wanted the Drones ranking/group. DCL tried to make them come to an amicable solution, but, the teams and players did not want any association with each other any further. So, DCL Launched a formal inquiry and sought leadership and player level details since inception, from both the teams and how many players are still with each team. DCL Management spent a lot of time and effort to collect details from both the teams, retrieve details from the DCL database/archives and eventually presented the details to the committee members to be able to come up with an informed, fair decision. Based on all the facts, DCL found that Renegades had majority of players and leadership that were part of the team since inception (in DCL) and decided to allow them to continue renaming their Drones team as Renegades and remain in Div C.

Rajan Dwiwedi, who was officially part of the Super Drones, personally tried to influence the management members to give current ranking of Drones team to Super Drones team and not to recognize Renegades as renamed team of Drones; instead Rajan wanted Renegades to be considered as a new team and start in the lowest division. With the extent of information collected during the inquiry and after realizing that the facts and the decision may not go in his favor, Rajan  wanted DCL to use the “Club” concept to retain control of both the teams, where in Drones and Super Drones will be part of the same 'club' but, two different teams. DCL did not have such concept and DCL management objected to making such changes just to favor Rajan in this situation. Right after this, Rajan decided to quit DCL management and started a negative campaign on DCL.

While being part of the DCL Management committee,  though DCL management wanted him to use the DCL Platform and act as a representative of DCL during his interaction with city officials, many times Rajan used personal communication and promoted his personal agenda rather than helping DCL effectively. He also mis-used DCL Resources including DCL contact information on teams as well as cities. He included his personal emails in some of his communication with city officials and now he is pursuing those city contacts to divert the ground request for his own groups use. It was evident that his objectives and intentions were different; his goal was always to promote his own cricket forum and utilize the DCL network and resources to be able to achieve that, which he is continuing to do even now.

We would like to assure the DCL fraternity that DCL is committed to the development of Cricket at all levels and make cricket enjoyable for everyone. For the past 15+ Years, we have seen tremendous growth in the DCL community. There are many volunteers, management and board members who worked tirelessly to make this possible. We hope to continue the same and will need help from each one of you to continue the march forward.

If you have any questions or suggestions, Please do not hesitate to contact us at

DCL Management

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