DCL/DLCL (3 Games a day from this Saturday onwards Read Details);

Captains and Vice captains,
Teams AND umpires need to make sure they start games on-time - no exceptions
As you are aware, we are starting to play 3 games/day from this Saturday onwards. Games are scheduled at 7.30 AM, 11.30 AM and 3.30 PM. So, it's important that every game starts on-time and ends on or before time. No exceptions. Here are the guidelines and rules to make this schedule work.

1. Teams need to arrive at the ground at-least 30 minutes before the scheduled start to prepare the ground.
2. Umpires need to arrive AT-LEAST 15 minutes before the scheduled start;
3. Toss need to be done 15 minutes before the scheduled start
4. If games are not started on time, Umpires need to force the teams to play reduced overs; here are the rules with reduced overs game
          a) For 1 -10 minutes delay, umpires will deduct one over for each team
          b) For 11-20 minutes delay, umpires will deduct 2 overs for each team
          c) For 21-30 minutes delay, umpires will deduct 3 overs for each team
          d) For 31-40 minutes, umpires will deduct 4 overs for each team
          e) After 40 minutes delay umpires will not allow the teams to play except in situations, where the delay is due to rain or wet ground conditions.
5. Please note, this rule will not affect or impact the penalty rule when one of the teams takes the field late; The penalty rule will still apply when one team is ready and the other team arrives/takes the field late.
6. When a reduced overs game is played, the game is considered as a 20 over game for net run rate calculation purposes. this is necessary to adversely impact the teams that do not start the game on-time. This is in-line with our penalty rule as well.
7. If UMPIRES do not arrive on-time, umpiring team will be penalized with points as well as monetary fine. Teams need to start the game on-time irrespective of umpires show-up or not. They need to lodge a complaint if the umpires arrive late or no show; in case of late arrival of the umpire, team captains need to let the organizers know when exactly umpires arrived.

Team captains: Please let all your team members know of these rules before they go for umpiring

We need everyone's cooperation to make this schedule work!

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