5 catches award + Hat-Trick for the Fall Tournament 2013


We only need the following two category (5 catches award + Hat-Trick) of awards as the remaining awards are straight forward from our statistics pages for each division

Fall 2013 Season Award Ceremony will happen on Feb 1st 2014 in Plano (Venue is being finalized)

I would like every team to confirm about these individual trophies for their team players by tomorrow 5:00pm.

1) 5 catches award


2) Hat-Trick


This information is really important !!!

If there are any pending Trophies that the players didnt get in the Summer 2013 tournament
please do send me an email so that I will add it to the list of trophies to be ordered

DCL gives a maximum of 14 Individual trophies for  Winners Up / Runners Up

If a team would like to request additional Trophies now is the time for you to let me know.
Cost of Each Winners Individual Trophy is $6.95
Cost of Each Winners Individual Trophy is $6.75

Once the teams decide the additional trophies the amount must be paid to DCL using the teams paypal account.

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