Disciplinary Actions against Desi Dynamites Player and Captain of King Cobras CC


Captains/Vice Captains: please forward this email to all your players so that they play in DCL according to the DCL code of conduct.

Desi Dynamites and Kings Cobras CC Player (Swarup Daggupati) and King Cobras CC Captain Murali Vaddi suspended from the DCL Fall League Tapeball cricket tournament

DCL organizing committee recently came to know about a player that has been illegally playing for 2 teams during the DCL fall tape ball league cricket tournament. The committee initiated an enquiry to garner facts and spoke with the player and also with the captain(s) of the affected teams. It was very evident that the player clearly violated the league rules and knowingly played for more than one team for an extended period of time. Also, one of the team captains, who was well aware of the fact that this player had played for another team, allowed/encouraged him to play for his team under a different name, thus violating the code of conduct and exhibiting unsportsman-like behavior. Disciplinary actions have been initiated by the organizing committee against the guilty player and the guilty captain; details are being sent to all the captains and vice captains within the league and are being published on the DCL website; the captains are encouraged to share this information with all their team members to make them aware of the consequences of such UN-sportsman like conduct.
Swarup Daggupati, who first played with the Desi Dynamites team in Div E, also started playing with the King Cobras team in Div C under a different name during the fall league tournament. King Cobras team captain, Murali Vaddi, well aware of Swarup playing for another team, allowed him and encouraged him to play in his team and used a different name, Jaypal, in an attempt to hide the fact and mislead other teams and organizers. It was noted that Swarup has been playing (with the name Swarup B.) for the King Cobras team in the fall leather ball league, thus making it very evident that the King Cobras team and their captain Murali Vaddi were in clear violation of the league code of conduct.
The Organizing committee discussed the situation in detail and felt the need to enforce appropriate disciplinary action against the guilty player and the guilty captain in order to discourage any player/captain from indulging in such behavior. The final decision is outlined below.
Disciplinary action against the player and the captain:

1. The Desi Dynamites and King Cobras team player, Swarup Daggupati has been suspended and barred from further taking part in the Fall Tape ball league tournament for playing for more than one team and thus violating the DCL rules and the code of conduct /discipline/behavior expectations. It was noted that Swarup played 4 games with the Desi Dynamites team and 3 games with the King Cobras team (under the name Jaypal) in the Fall tape ball league tournament and, 3 games with the King Cobras team (under the name Swarup B) in the fall league leather ball tournament.

2. The King Cobras team captain, Murali Vaddi, has been suspended and barred from further taking part in the Fall tape ball league tournament for violating the captain's responsibilities and, the DCL code of conduct, by knowingly allowing/encouraging the player that had already played for another team to continue playing for his team under a different name. 
Final Thoughts: The organizing committee was very disappointed to note that teams and their captains indulge in such behavior with such ulterior moves and 'win at any cost' mentality. We certainly encourage everyone to play with the right competitive spirit respecting the rules and regulations of the league. We know winning is important, but, not at the cost of fun and enjoyment and, compromising our moral values; Remember, we need to set the right precedence to our next generation; the youth league is closely following us and is trying to learn a lot from us! 

The purpose of this email is to make sure every team is aware of the rules and hope to abide by the rules all the time while playing in a structured league format, we all look forward for the weekend to come so that we all can play the game we love. Lets all play the game Cleanly in the Right Spirit of Cricket !!!

Hope Swarup Daggupati and Murali Vaddi understand they made a mistake and learn from it and move on... !!!

In the Spirit of Cricket
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